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Why Choose CJ International Group Inc.?

Your Success, Our Commitment

A successful immigration application depends on various key determining factors. Our dedicated team of in-house lawyers and immigration specialists continually lends its expertise to ensure the success of your immigration plans. Providing end-to-end seamless immigration and settlement services is what we do best. Our goal is to simplify the complexities associated with migration mobility and allow investors informed decision making. Regardless of your ultimate destination, CJ International Group Inc. brings it within your reach.

Expertise You Deserve

CJ International Group Inc. offer a wide range of expertise in residency and citizenship by investment programs. We have successfully processed the immigration application for clients from around the world. 
We are dedicated to assist you by giving you a clear picture of the immigration environment, your options and the steps to take.
A top-notch team of lawyers provide our clients with in-house legal counsel service. We pre-screen and thoroughly assess our clients’ profile to identify any ‘weak points’ in your application which could cause delays on the process and could be detrimental to the success of the applicant. We foresee a problem and act effectively to find solutions. We deal with government procedures quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

We Are Global 

Our team of experienced professionals have in-depth knowledge of country-specific statutory requirements of taxation and business management. They not only speak your language, but also understand well the culture of your country.  With their excellent communication skills, we are able to orient you towards the best immigration programs which suit your needs and situation, with the best success rate to obtain it. 
Through our representative offices located throughout North America and Asia, we provide an unparalleled service to private clients and their advisors. 


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