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Clients of CJ International Group Inc., include both high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and their families, they are entrepreneurs or investors, but also this includes top-level managers in multinationals, artists, and celebrities of the entertainment and sports worlds. We also frequently do business with other consulting and law firms, private and public banks, and other professionals in the private wealth management industry.

Many of them have expressed over time their gratitude and satisfaction with the services that we provided by writing to us. We enabled them to lead the life they always dreamed, reaching their ultimate destination.
The following selection of testimonials is drawn from a large collection of clients, consulting firms and government officials’ feedback we have received since the beginning of our operation and of which we are extremely proud of.


I really appreciated CJ International Group Inc. professionalism and help. Ali Zarei,QIIP Client, Tehran, Iran
I appreciated the services and attention CJ International Group Inc. team provided to me. They were very patient and professional. I also liked their manners. Kazem Karimiyazdi,QIIP Client, Tehran, Iran

Immigration Consultants

We were deeply impressed with your specialized knowledge and skills, which ensured the success of our business, and very content with your promptly and detailed feedback to our problems and doubts in the process. It is a pleasure to work with such a remarkable partner in this business and we are looking forward to our future cooperation. HGASC, Wuhan, China
Thank you for your continuous support, first priority and over time to complete our clients' applications. I look forward to working with CJ International Group Inc. closely to make more sales for our HK clients. I trust our commitment merits the same best term. John Hu,John Hu Migration Consulting,Hong Kong
Thanks for your support to our company, we appreciated your professionalism and assistance with the clients on many occasions. It is generally held that it was your quick-witted response in that emergency that has led to this satisfactory outcome. We hope we can continue our good business relationship and interactivity for the future. May the joy and happiness around you and your family today and always. Lot 88 Pty Ltd,Property Real Estate,Melbourne
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