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Our Team


CJ International Group’s ongoing dedication goes hand in hand with bringing you the best people in their respective field. Because we always emphasize the importance of availability when it concerns valuable business relationships with our clients, we have an accrued presence both in Canada and South East Asia with four offices locations, and many more to come.

In Canada, our Quebec head office, located in the capital of Quebec are leading the firm decision while the Montreal office, the economic capital of Quebec is managing operations on the different programs that we are offering, whether these may be Canadian, American, European or from the Caribbean.

Presently, our Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices focus on maintaining close relationships with our clients and partners in PRC.

The firm is in the process of extending its presence in the rest of South-East Asia with an office in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and soon in other major metropolitan centres to better serve our valued clients.

Montreal Office

Jihong Zhu

Linh Tran

Kenny Arévalo-Lebrun

Pierre-Etienne Balthazar-Lacasse

Anthony Lorrain

Quebec Office

Jacques Plante

Roger Goulet

Linda Boiteau

Tampa (USA) Office

Radu Ghergus

Beijing Office

Linda Lu


Shanghai Office

Chao Xue
Vicky Shi
Michael Xia
Helene Li


Guangzhou Office

Victor Rao



Ho Chi Minh City Office

Lawrence Brisebois

David Paillé

Anh Do

Hanna Nguyen

Khiem Tran

Kevin Nguyen

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