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43,100 USD


Northern North America




English, French


Catholic, Protestant


Parliamentary Democracy


Canadian Dollar (CAN)


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Canada - Quebec Investor 



The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program was established in 1986. The program is designed to allow business people and their families to enter the province of Quebec as permanent residents on an unconditional basis. In return, funding made available through the program helps provide subsidies in support of small and medium businesses in Quebec. The program had undergone significant transformation in the past couple of years, which address the application process. 

Financial/Business Requirements


The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program seeks to attract experienced business people to invest C$800,000 into Québec's economy. Investors must:



Personal Requirements

The assessment will also take into account other factors such as age, the nature and duration of applicant's professional training and language skills.
Applicants and their dependents must also undergo medical examinations and security clearances as part of the Canadian immigration application process. Also, you must obtain at least 40 points according to the following selection factors in the Quebec investor points grid.

Selection Factor are listed here in term of points.

Total  - Maximum 92 points
Pass mark  - 40 points




Investment Options

Full Investment Option

The minimum required investment of CA$ 800,000 must be held for a period of 5 years. The program provides for full investment or financing through an authorized financial institution. CJ International Group Inc. is an exclusive distributor of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program for a financial security firm duly-authorized by the Quebec Immigration Ministry (MIDI) and Investissement Quebec (IQ).
Under the full investment option, the applicants deposit the required amount for a period of five years. At the end of this period plus three months, the full amount is returned to the investor without accrued interest.

Financed Investment Option

For those who would rather retain maximum capital for investment in ongoing business, the financing option is available. Under this option, investors pay a reduced amount which is used to finance a CA$800,000 closed 62-month term loan from a chartered bank. This loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost and without additional guarantees from the applicant. You may choose to pay a one-time financing fee of around C$220,000 to a government-approved financial institution. This fee will not be returned to you. The financial institution will then make an investment with the government on your behalf, using their funds.

Citizenship Requirements

Investors and their family members who have lived in Canada for three out of four years (1,095 days) preceding the application, have adequate knowledge of English and/or French, have no criminal record and have acquired knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, as well as an understanding of Canada’s history, values, institutions and symbols, are eligible to apply for citizenship.


Program brochure for Quebec Investor
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