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Atlantic American Opportunities Fund

Atlantic American Opportunities Fund has a unique EB-5 investment approach that is based on the basic fundamentals of diversification.  Structured as a private equity fund, AAOF pools its investor’s capital and invests in a “portfolio” of several projects (targeting 5 – 8 per fund).  EB-5 applicants become Limited Partners (or owners) of the entire fund, and therefore own an equal share of each project, not just one.  Much like a mutual fund, this structure helps manage investment risk because the investor’s total $500,000 investment no longer has to rely on the success of one single asset. 

AAOF only invests in EB-5 qualified projects that have a high probability for meeting the requirements of the EB-5 program.  Our philosophy is to invest in projects that create between 12 and 20 jobs per investor.  This creates a cushion with respect to job creation and provides comfort that we will safely meet the EB-5 program’s requirement for 10 jobs per investor. 
AAOF focuses on making investments that are based on safe underwriting assumptions, and only partner with established, proven developers/operators who have a solid track record for success.  This is critical in ensuring the project's success and is a key factor in protecting our investors' capital. 

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