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Immigrant Investor Program Quebec

Required Documents


The Quebec Application for Selection Certificate requires an extensive amount of documentation be submitted to support the investor file. All documents must be submitted in their original language and must be in the correct format. Documents submitted in a non-conforming format may result in the rejection of an investor application or the return of the document to the sender. All certified true copies and photocopies must be of excellent quality or immigration authorities could deem them inadmissible. 

Certified true copy documents require an authorized person, such as a notary public, to compare the original document to the photocopy. The authorized notary must then print on the copy "I certify that this is a true copy of the original document" along with their name, official position or title, signature, name of the original document, as well as the date of the certification. 



If you submit documents or parts of documents in a language other than French or English, you must provide: 

The applicant is totally responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of all information and documents submitted in support of their application, including any documentation provided on their behalf by an authorized person. Please be advised that immigration authorities in Quebec may independently verify the accuracy of information provided on investment immigration applications with third parties.

Any false or misleading information given in relation to Canadian immigration for investors is an offense under the law, and the applicant may be liable to a fine, refusal or rejection, or even the cancellation of their Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC).

The following documents are required as part of a Quebec Immigrant Investor Program application. Forms, declarations, investment agreements, and appendices must bear original handwritten signatures.


Section 1 - Quebec Selection Certificate application documents:

Section 2 - Power of attorney documents:

Section 3 - Identity and civil status documents:

Section 4 - Selection criteria documents:

Section 5 - Declared net worth documents for principal applicant and spouse:

Section 6 - Management experience documents

Section 7 - Corporate documents for principal applicant or spouse:

Section 8 - Inheritance and donation documents: 

While the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program document checklist is clearly extensive, a legal team will work alongside clients to ensure they can procure all necessary documentation in the easiest manner possible. Our law firm is entirely committed to the success of their clients, and will help guide them in an effective manner through each step of the investment immigration process.

Brochure du Programme pour QIIP Required Documents
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