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The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s (OINP) Entrepreneur Stream


Ontario is the most multicultural province in Canada, where half of all new immigrants make their home. Prosperous land of opportunity, Ontario is a democratic society built by the hard work of generations of immigrants.
On the map, Ontario is in the middle of Canada. It is also the hub of the Canadian economy. It is a magnet for manufacturing, finance, tourism and other industries. It’s also a leader in science and the arts. The population of 12 million includes people from 200 countries who speak as many as 130 languages. 
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s (OINP) Entrepreneur Stream is a great opportunity for individuals from countries outside of Canada to implement a new business idea or buy an existing business in Ontario. It also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to be nominated for permanent resident status once their business has been successfully established in Ontario.  


Manitoba Entrepreneur Program

This entrepreneurial program offers a great opportunity to reach permanent residency status in timely manner. With a reasonable investment of 150,000 CAD in a business and a net worth requirement of only 350,000 CAD, this makes it one of the most attractive Canadian programs for entrepreneurs. You have good English skills and extensive business ownership experience, this program could be for you.


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration pilot program is now open and ready to receive applications! 
The Atlantic provinces are often referred to as 'the Maritimes' as they are located on the far east coast of the country. Rugged and sparsely populated, the provinces have traditionally made much of their income from the area's large fisheries. This is changing in the region, as oil production, information technology, biomedical research, post-secondary education and tourism becomes more important for local economies.
Through this program, the federal government — together with the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island — aim to welcome 2,000 newcomers and their families to the Atlantic region of Eastern Canada in 2017. 


New-Brunswick Entrepreneur Program

This rejuvenated entrepreneur program is a wonderful opportunity to join a welcoming community on the east coast of Canada. You have 600,000 CAD, including 300,000 CAD in liquidity, and are willing to invest at least 250,000 CAD in a business, this program will allow you to obtain your permanent residency card more rapidly than most programs. Like most entrepreneurial program, business experience and language skills are key requirements of this program.


British Columbia Entrepreneur Program

Located on the West Coast of Canada, British Columbia is one of the most sought destinations among immigrants. This program is for entrepreneurs who are ready to invest and actively manage a business in British Columbia. The basic requirements entails that the applicant will demonstrate having at least 600,000 CAD of net assets, 3 years of business ownership and management experience and will invest at least 200,000 CAD in a business (must own at least 1/3 of the equity).


Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program

This entrepreneurial program offers a great chance to arrive quickly in Canada once you are selected. The basic requirement entails that you are an experienced business owner or manager with at least 600,000 CAD of net assets and that you have the willingness to invest 150,000 CAD in a business. This program will allow you to launch your business in this beautiful Eastern Province under a work permit and ultimately be nominated for permanent residency when the business has been set up for at least 12 months.  


Saskatchewan Program

Greatly located in the center of Canada, this entrepreneur program has a proven track record.  Ever popular due to its reasonable net worth requirement of 500,000 CAD and an investment amount of 300,000 CAD or 200,000 CAD depending on its location, this program will put you on the road to permanent residency. You have at least 3 years of experience in running a business, this program could be for you. 


The Prince Edward Island Program

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is one of eastern Canada's maritime provinces. The large island is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland. PEI is renowned not only for its lush farmland and beautiful coasts, but it is also home to a burgeoning economy centered on agriculture, tourism, and fishing. With growing business opportunities in multiple sectors and favorable business taxation, the Island’s Provincial Nominee Program – Business Impact Category will interest those who:

Applicants have three streams from which they can choose, according to their skill sets and abilities:

Canada Start-Up Visa Program

This creative entrepreneurial program aims at welcoming applicants that demonstrate the potential to build in Canada innovative businesses in high-growth sectors and that will create jobs for Canadians. With intermediate language skills (CLB-5), the entrepreneur has the opportunity to invest with designated organizations, such as venture capital funds (min. 200,000 CAD) or angel investor groups (min. 75,000 CAD) or business incubators. If you have an innovative business and want to develop in Canada, this program offers the opportunity to reach permanent residency status rapidly.


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