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Belgium is a "financial" capital of Europe with rich international presence. The country is investor friendly and most favorable for businesses in terms of taxation.


Belgium does not offer citizenship by investment program like other countries, but residence by investment available for investors and business entrepreneurs.





Belgium Residence Program (BRP) has no minimum residency requirements, does not require you to stay or live at all in Belgium, but you can still apply for Permanent Residence (PR) or Passport. For example if you have a business to look after in another part of the world, you might like to stay there for most of the time but want to visit or live in Belgium anytime you want, without the need to apply for visa. 

Most of the fees associated with Belgium program are the lawyer & processing fees, office rental, business expenses, social contributions etc. Belgium is a case by case solution and can vary in terms of pricing. Average until citizenship stage (5 years) is reached is EUR 350k - 500k. Payments are done in steps, however, the first year can easily cost you up to EUR 200,000. 
It is recommended for individuals to have at least EUR 350,000 at their disposal to start Belgium program.


Company Requirements

There are some important points to consider when establishing a company in Belgium and applying for a Residence Permit:



Belgium is very attractive to many foreigners because:



Residence Program

Foreigners and non-EU persons can apply for residence permit under investor or business category, which usually involves in either investing in a Belgian company as a director/owner of the company. You can easily qualify for the Belgian residence permit along with any family members. It usually takes 3-8 months to get the residence permit issued to investors who form their company. You will need to renew the residence permit annually for 3 years  and after which you will qualify for permanent residence permit.


Eligibility Requirements



Minimum Investment


We expect our clients to invest a minimum of EUR 350,000, to cover the necessary costs and expenses, to immigrate to Belgium. We assist high net worth clients and business investors.

The BVBA and SPRL are the most popular company types in Belgium. The Belgian BVBA company works just like Limited Liability Company. Taxes are actually around 30% and annual returns are filed every 12 months in accordance with Belgian regulations. With proper tax planning you can substantially minimize the tax liability.




Fees for a Belgian residence application will vary from case by case. For a residence permit application the following minimum fees (exclusive of VAT, which may apply depending on the client’s situation) are charged (for one/main applicant):

1. Main Applicant

€ 95,000 for the application to obtain a residence permit for the first year
€ 25,000 for every renewal for the second and subsequent years
€ 35,000 for a citizenship application (possible at the earliest after the third year)


2. Fees For Family Members (Spouses And Children Under 18 Years Of Age), Per Family Member

€ 20,000 for application to obtain a residence permit for the first year
€ 10,000 for every renewal for the second and subsequent years
€ 20,000 for a citizenship application (at the earliest after the third year)


3. Company Incorporation Costs


Services Included

The above fee includes all of the following services:


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