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St Kitts FAQ

The answers of the most frequently asked questions related to St.Kitts investment and real estate are given below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Can I contact Citizenship by Investment Unit directly?

The unit engages only with authorised persons. You can contact an authorised person with regards to questions pertaining to your application.


Can I submit my application in a language other than English?

No. Applications that are not in English are not prescribed or accepted by the Citizenship by investment Unit.


Who is required to produce a police certificate?

Each main applicant and all permitted dependents 16 years and older are required to produce a police certificate.


What is a Police Certificate?

A police certificate refers to a statement from a national law enforcement authority on the status of a person’s criminal record. It is also referred to as “certificate of no criminal record or “police clearance record”.

Can two or more applicants apply for citizenship by investment together?

Yes. Two or more applicants may apply for citizenship together by purchasing one piece of real estate, provided each main applicant contributes the minimum investment of US$400,000.00.

If I am no longer interested in becoming a citizen will my monies be refunded?

All monies will be refunded with the exception of due diligence fees and processing fees.

What is the maximum amount of dependents allowed by a main applicant?

There is no numerical limit on the number of permitted dependents.


Who are permitted dependents?

Permitted dependent are:

Where is St.Kitts and Nevis?

St Kitts and Nevis is a beautiful small two island nation in the Caribbean located some 2,000 km to the southeast of Miami. The country is well connected by flights from US, Europe.

What is the currency of St.Kitts and Nevis?

The currency of St.Kitts and Nevis is Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Roughly 10 USD will buy you 27 Eastern Caribbean dollars.


What is this Citizenship-by-Investment program?

The Citizenship-by-Investment Program of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis was established in 1984, making it the longest established program of this kind in the world. The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis utilizes this program to attract investors of good character to make a substantial contribution to the development of the Federation.

Obtaining Citizenship and passport in another country by “legal” means are getting very difficult nowdays, and Governments are making sure that such programs are only available for wealthy or high net worth investors who are capable to making a substantial contribution to economy of the country and who are able to support themselves financially.


What is the minimum investment needed?

As of Jan 2012, the St.Kitts government has increased the minimum investment amount to USD 250,000 under SIDF and USD 400,000 under real estate for single applicant.

A non refundable charity donation of minimum US$ 250’000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) for single person + payment of processing fees.  The total investment amount (including all charges) comes approx around USD 290,000 for single applicant and additional fees apply for accompanying family members.


2. Designated recoverable Real Estate Investment with a value of at least US$ 400,000 plus payment of various registration and other fees . The total investment amount comes around US$ 492,000 for single applicant, and additional fees apply for any accompanying family members.

Additional costs apply including for any family dependents. You can include a spouse and children below 18 years of age in the citizenship application. For children who are above 18 years of age, additional USD 50,000 applies.


What is the time frame to process the application?

The application process time after receiving the complete application forms and documents (as well as paying the funds) is currently 4-6 months – regardless if a client chooses the SIDF option or the real-estate program.


What is main difference between SIDF and Real Estate option?

SIDF is a public charity and the investment amount is donated to the sugar industry foundation (charity). is non refundable by the Govt. With real estate option it is bit expensive, but investment is recoverable (real estate can be sold after 5 years).

The real estate investment is a recoverable investment, because you can sell it after 5 years.  As of new rules from 2012, the next buyer will qualify for citizenship.

We highly recommend real-estate program, because having a “second home” in St.Kitts is a very good reason for getting a St.Kitts citizenship and passport. This would help even you are questioned at border controls.

As you can see, the real estate option is expensive but the real estate option is a recoverable investment however, you can only sell your property after 5 years. It will not qualify the next buyer for citizenship.

Both real estate and SIDF takes the same approval time.


Are there any fee for children aged over 18 years of age to be included in the Citizenship application?

Yes. Children who are aged between 18 – 25 years pay additional USD 50,000 Government fees.


Are there any restrictions on who can apply?

Yes. Iran, Afghanistan and Syria irrespective of where they live.

What are the benefits of St. Kits and Nevis Passport?

Visa free travel for over 80 countries including all EU countries, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Are there any residency requirements to acquire passport?

No, there is no residency requirement unlike Europe. You can directly qualify for citizenship.

Are there any taxes?

St. Kitts & Nevis has no personal income tax, no wealth tax, and no inheritance taxes.

How long is the validity of passport?

The passport issued carries 10 year validity and after that it can be renewed.

On what grounds could my citizenship application be refused?

If applicant has a criminal record, a tainted reputation or unable to pass the due diligence clearance, the Government may reject the citizenship application.  Sometimes, in very rare cases, the Govt refuse citing national security or false information presented in the citizenship application.

If you have had  visa denial to any one of the countries, where St.Kitts and Nevis have visa free travel agreements, you cannot apply for the citizenship-by-investment program. You must have successfully obtained visa from the same country which denied your visa, inorder to apply for citizenship program.

Please note that granting citizenship is at the sole discretion of the St.Kitts and Nevis Government. We cannot therefore guarantee that any applications will be approved. We carefully evaluate each applicant’s individual situation prior to accepting a citizenship applications and only if we are satisfied with applicants eligibility we will submit to Government. We do not use any intermediaries and we serve to protect confidentiality of our wealthy clients.

What documents are needed?

We highly recommend our clients to arrange the following important documents, before applying  for  citizenship program. Normally it takes 1-2 months to arrange for these documents in your home country. There are several other documents needed at a later stage, and we will assist you accordingly.


I have 2 children of 16 years of age and 18 years of age? Will the due diligence to be carried out?
Yes, due diligence will be carried out for children with 16 years or above. Further children above 18 years of age, need to provide evidence of college enrollment.

Do I have to live in  St. Kitts and Nevis after acquiring citizenship?

No. You are not required to live in St. Kitts and Nevis but as a citizen you have every right to live and work in St.Kitts, whenever you want.

Is a personal visit required in St.Kitts to acquire passport?
No, not required as most of the work is taken care by us. But, if you prefer you can come to St.Kitts and get to know more on the investments here like real estate.

Is Dual Citizenship Allowed?
The St Kitts & Nevis government has no restrictions on “dual citizenship” and does not report citizenship information to other countries. While, most countries prohibit dual citizenship, it depends on where you live and sometimes as per laws of your home country, you may need to give up one citizenship to acquire other.

We are expecting a new baby and is it possible the new born baby get citizenship?
If husband and wife are both citizens of St.Kitts and Nevis, then the new born baby will automatically inherit the citizenship.

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