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Choosing a Citizenship 

CJ International Group Inc. is one of the global leader in citizenship planning and citizenship programs. Most of our clients are high net worth individuals and their families, sometimes we are directly dealing with their advisors worldwide. They rely on our expertise and experience to help them with their mobility plans. Our clients are given advice on the best possible options and programs available on the market for acquiring a second citizenship given their situation.

Since our beginning, our teams of experts have assisted thousands of private clients to acquire both residence and citizenship. 

This track record of advising, implementing and operating investments programs on behalf of our clients is unique and distinct advantage that all our clients enjoy.


High Net-Worth Clients

It would be unfair that a person of means would need to limit his life and citizenship to only one territory. Deciding to opt for another citizenship can provide more personal freedom, as well as more privacy and security. CJ International Group Inc. has the expertise and experience required to advise and assist clients to make that decision.

As one of our private clients, you will receive a whole integrated solutions with well researched advice. Our specialists pool their knowledge and experience in order to pin point every specific details of each client's case. The potential issues of each case are considered from all relevant perspectives. A large number of experts at your disposal from diverse nationalities will direct you to the best destination, and a personal advisor will coordinate the various specialists that your case will require and will ensures full continuity over the whole process.

CJ International Group Inc. has the real expertise to offer you all fair options with a sound legal basis. We are only dealing with limited number of countries which offer citizenship programs which have passed our due diligence Cyprus, Malta, and St. Kitts and Nevis for programs attainable in a couple of months. Also we offer other countries with a clear route to citizenship following a reasonable period of residence namely Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom or the United States. 

It is crucial that we analyze the individual situation of every single client extremely carefully, and introduce him to the present available options, develop a route to take and make it happen effectively. The extensive expertise and experience of our team empowers us to deal with immigration government procedures in an effective and timely manner on your behalf.

Wealth Management 

Because individual private clients and families, as well as their trusted advisers rely on immigration knowledge in citizenship planning, we offer the sound advice in wealth management, investment and taxation. This includes not only comparative citizenship law, but also the relinquishment of citizenship. The acquisition of citizenship based on residence is also a domain we are helping with along with ancestry or through a citizenship program.

Theses specialized services are a mandatory complement to the acquisition of a citizenship by international private clients. We regularly help law firms, private banks, family offices with the unique expertise required for citizenship planning.


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